Evening Light, Port Clyde  SOLD
Evening Light, Port Clyde SOLD
12 X 24

This is the final hill you crest before heading into the town of Port Clyde in Maine. Port Clyde is most noted for one of the places to catch the ferry to Monhegan Island. This view was at the end of the street where I was staying, and at about 7:00 PM, this lovely yellow light and long shadows filled up the scene. I painted this over a series of three days for about an hour at a time - the light changes so quickly at this time of day you have to be quick! I tried to key up the warm colors - particularly in the sky with the yellow color. The area that I struggled with was on the right side of the painting - there was large bushes that blocked the view, and really didn't add anything to the composition. I took some liberty with moving a few things around to make a better painting.