Mark Coates
Town Dock, Vinalhaven - SOLD
16 X 20
Vinalhaven and North Haven are two islands in the middle of Penobscot Bay in mid-coast Maine. Vinalhaven, unlike its tonier neighbor North Haven, is a rough and tumble working island. I was wandering around the waterfront when I turned back towards the town - and was intrigued by the repetition of the pilings in the dock stacked with lobster traps. The white of the buildings seem to float above the dock. This was a pristine day, and the water was crystal blue with perfect reflections. The rest of the trip was rainy - and in an effort to dry this painting and some others, I put them in the oven on low (I figured since leaving paintings in the car on hot days dries them quickly, logically the oven would have the same effect.) Well, needless to say, that wasn't a very good idea as the paintings were roasted to a nice yellowy color.....Going back into this painting, I actually felt the repainting of it was a great improvement over the original. Lesson learned - don't cook your paintings!
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